BOOK REVIEW by "John Horrigan" Bay State Bigfoot Society
The Great Sasquatch Conspiracy or Blood On Bigfoot Mountain
by Joe H. Beelart

Let me first say that I knew of this book when it was in its treatment stage and professed to Ray that it was indeed a worthwhile endeavor. A supposition about a captured bigfoot and the subsequent human nature and greed that would accompany such a find. Kind of like that lottery ticket scam we had back here when a store owner kept a lottery ticket for himself. Joe put alot of heart and soul into it - but alos alot of guts. What a great premise! IF A BIGFOOT BODY IS EVER RECOVERED - I bet that the sequence of events would unfold parallel to Beelart's book. The humor is inviting, a driving narrative and speculation and paranoia rear their head. You can't help but like Joe's main character. He knows his stuff. It is great how Beelart weaves a tapestry of popular bigfoot lore and myth, as well as some famous encounters into his book. This is a breakthrough effort. Here is an author offering up a piece of fiction that is not pure conjecture but more like a probable series of events that would play themselves out in time of a spectacular find as such. If you collect bigfoot books or memorabilia, then there is a void in your library right now until you pick up your copy. Beelart gets five stars. Here then is a new genre of bigfoot literature. Uninhibited postulation woven from the consciousness of contemporary America. Beelart's perception of how certain authorities would react in time of this startling discovery is the true gem within this work. The character nuances, the jargin, the reactionary diatribe spouted by those who have dark intentions and the innocence of those not "in the know". Ah, Joe - this is a screenplay-in-waiting buddy. If you have not begun to circulate this in Los Angeles you are doing a "grave" injustice to yourself, the study of bigfoot and entertainment in general. Mark this - this will get picked up and put up by a producer within two years. And selfishly Joe, I would love to audition for one of the roles. This book is a game winning goal.

The bonus of this book is the "Best of The Track Record" section. I only subscribe to Crowe's "Track Record" and Keatings "Bigfoot Report". I proudly boast that I have every single issue of both of their newsletters. Keating knows Ohio upside down/ inside out and keeps you posted on what is going on in the topographical expanses of Ohio. Don is a"just the facts please" investigator and rarely deviates or specualtes if at all. The "Track Record" is a wonderful read, blending legends, fourth-hand stories, scientific theory and eyewitness accounts with the major players in the Pacific Northwest like Rene, Peter and Larry. Rob Butler's depictions make him the best Sasquatch artist on the continent. Ray and Don have produced these magnificent newsletters (at a loss I'm sure) for years. I really don't need all of this on-line stuff if I get their newsletters. If you have not subscribed to the WBS or EOBIC by now I can urge you now to do so. I have read their editions to the blind on my "Tails" program in Marshfield for almost five years now and they are quite popular to people that can only HEAR them.

To conclude this stroke session, pick-up Joe's book. You get two-for-one: a great tale with historical accuracy and the most intriguing bigfoot accounts found anywhere in the "Track Record".

Book Review © John Horrigan, Bay State Bigfoot Society

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