Bigfoot Encounters
Book Review
The Sasquatch, Frightening Reality or Man-Made Myth?
The publisher, Firefly Books , June 25, 1998
5 Star Editorial Review: Authored by Don Hunter in association with Rene Dahinden

Who, or what, left footprints that could only have been made by creatures weighing up to a thousand pounds and standing as tall as ten feet? Do they really exist? Or are the many sightings spanning thousands of miles and hundreds of years merely to be explained away by the authorities as bad dreams and, worse, hoaxes? In this fascinating and probing book, Don Hunter examines these and other bewildering questions. In association with Rene Dahinden, a now legendary Canadian Sasquatch hunter who has spent decades tracking down these elusive humanoids, author Hunter chronicles the exhaustive research carried out by layman and scholar alike in the quest for the truth about the North American Abominable snowman. For centuries, the Native People of British Columbia and the Northwest United States have incorporated the Sasquatch into their legends, and many today are still firmly convinced of its existence. But only when scores of people begin attesting to face-to-face meetings with the Sasquatch (some of the eye-witnesses offer photographs and film to prove it), and only when fully documented footprints measuring up to eighteen inches in length, separated by six-foot strides, began appearing in locales as diverse as Nahanni and California, did non-believers and scoffers start to pay more attention to this anthropological phenomenon.

Dahinden's meticulous research in the hands of one of Western Canada's most respected and accomplished authors and journalists, Don Hunter, becomes a compelling, entertaining story of one of the world's remaining great mysteries.
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Rene Dahinden knows more about this mystery than anyone, January 7, 1997
Reviewer: A reader posting to
I personally knew Rene Dahinden, have been to his home,and spent time in the woods with him searching for sasquatch. He is a serious,quiet man. He has spent most of his life investigating this mysterious creature. The amount of data he has compiled is amazing.Rene is not one given to exaggeration,he always tells it like it is. When it comes to big foot, he doesn't need to embellish.Rene is the reason the only legitimate film ever taken of bigfoot exists.It was Rene's information that led Roger Patterson to Bluff Creek,California in the 1960s. Many people have seen the short footage taken by Patterson, few know Rene Dahinden's involvement. This book is factual.If you want to explore the mystery behind 100s of years of lore,read Rene's book.You will be educated,entertained and amazed.

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