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"Meet the Sasquatch," A Review by Joe Beelart

Christopher Murphy's new book, Meet the Sasquatch, Hancock House, Surrey, BC, 239 profusely illustrated pages, $29.95 soft cover, is almost unbelievable, not because of the subject, but because of Murphy and his associates (Thomas Steenburg and John Green) thorough and exceptionally well-researched treatment of the Pacific Northwest's mysterious legend.

This book is a history of the men and women who have almost proved Bigfoot real. He chronicles First Nation references through early white records into modern times and even includes official Russian inquiries into their "snowman." Murphy details the famous, but often maligned Bigfoot movie footage from northwest California. His experts comment on thousands of footprints, which are the most frequent evidence of Sasquatch; the book also addresses hoaxes and fabrications.

Most enjoyable are the vast number of graphs, drawings, illustrations and photographs that Murphy has pulled together. Already, Murphy's work is acclaimed a classic of the Bigfoot genre. For most people this is the book to own about Sasquatch.

Murphy's book can't be encyclopedic, some prominent Bigfoot researchers are mentioned only in passing, or not at all; with that exception, the book feels complete. It's a fun and colorful read.

Hancock House: (800)-938-1114, (604) 538-1114,

Notes by the reviewer:
One of the "prominent researchers" thought of by Beelart is Peter Byrne. Byrne is given the briefest of acknowledgment even though he lead three very well financed research projects spaced over four decades. No known published scientific paper resulted from Mr. Byrne's considerable field and information gathering work. Anyway, Mr. John Green is the primary associate writer and a major materials source for Murphy. Mr. Green also has a well known aversion to Mr. Byrne which may have led to the lack of words.
The other "famous" Bigfooter not cited is Jon-Erik Beckjord. Certainly Mr. Beckjord's paranormal configuring of the beasts does not fit the scientific style of the book, but nonetheless, he has been after the critters for three decades and has received considerable media and public attention over the years.

Beelart happily reports that he led Rick Noll to the Glen Thomas site were Noll took the scree (rock pile) pictures on pages 161 & 162. That was done on a beautiful fall day in the high Cascade Mountains of northern Oregon.

The reviewer writes that he has spent over a decade wandering Pacific Northwest Mountains searching for "Our Barefoot Friends," Rightfully, he says he isn't mentioned in Murphy's book, but
if you know where to look he's in it.

The main reason this review was written was to thank Mr. David Hancock for a complementary triple signed copy of the book. Joe Beelart, Bend Oregon.

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