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Dranginis Reviews the 19th Annual Ohio Bigfoot Conference... 2007

I did attend Don Keating's 19th Annual Ohio Bigfoot Conference/Expo held at the Salt Fork State Park this weekend. Overall it was good, speakers consisted of Tony Healy (Australia), Pat Holdbrook (Ohio), and Lorenna C. (Ohio). Craig Heinselman (New Hampshire) did not make it due to auto breakdown while in route to Ohio. Hopefully, Mr. Heinselman will be a speaker next year as his input to the Bigfoot community is essential.

 The Conference seemed to flow well as the day progressed with over 360 people in attendance. There was even time for an auction of Bigfoot memorabilia just before the dinner break. Marc DeWorth (Bigfoot researcher from Ohio) stepped in to handle the auction and as always, he did a wonderful job.

Tony Healy presented a great slide show detailing Yowie research including Aboriginal yowie lore. Mr. Healy was also selling his (hard to find book) Out of the Shadows: Mystery Animals of Australia and The Yowie: In Search of Australia's Bigfoot. Mr. Healy will be spending the next six months in the United States visiting as many Bigfoot sighting areas and researchers as time permits.

Pat Holdbrook of Warren Ohio spoke about his work with M.K. Davis on the Patterson/Gimlin film and his new website, Mr. Holdbrook's work seemed to consist of enlarging the Patterson/Gimlin film to show more detail. He did not display his work on the PG film, but he was selling a DVD ($16.00). Please check out his website for his upcoming TV series that will include important work of some Ohio Bigfoot researchers.

 Lorenna C. of Caldwell, Ohio spoke her Bigfoot encounter in the summer of 1984, her three children also witnessed the event. This was Lorenna's first time speaking in public and she did a great job! It's always great to hear about a Bigfoot encounter directly from the witness.

Larry Lund, also know as The Sasquatch Sleuth of Vancouver, WA. was also in attendance. Mr. Lund was answering many questions regarding the P/G film and other Bigfoot historical facts, his knowledge regarding Bigfoot researchers and the field's historical data is second to none.

Minutes after the event, we were notified that several researchers found a possible Bigfoot track near the Lake within the park. Eric Altman (Bigfoot researcher, PA.) assembled a number of researchers and traveled to the location. The general consensus was the track was a fake, but it sure got everyone excited. It was great to see all the researchers combining their talents to expose the hoaxed track.

I would highly recommend people to reserve a hotel room or cabin for next years 20th Annual Bigfoot Conference/Expo as the cabins and rooms were booked early on.

William M. Dranginis
Manassas, VA.
Monday, May 21, 2007 10:07 AM

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