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A Portion of the Patterson Film Subject
Here showing an area devoid of hair mid-thorax,
Swinging Breasts & Caucasian skin tones on...

Image analyst: MK Davis 2007

The stabilization of the Patterson film frames continually yields new information as time and interest continues… When one takes the shakiness out of the film and holds the subject steady in center frame, it allows us to better watch its muscle and joint movements taking place.

One of the impressive aspects is the elasticity in the skin and muscle movement of the Patterson subject. In 1967, Roger Patterson would have been unable to recreate working muscles under fake fur fabric used in the '60's. The working muscles can be clearly observed in this footage shot in Bluff Creek, California. The right chest muscles not only move as the Patterson subject swings its arm, but the muscles work exactly like they should if this was a real breathing life form as opposed to a costumed individual…

It is also interesting to note that if this were the evenly distributed simulated or faux 'fur' of an ape costume, why would we be seeing the sparse areas where the hair was normally worn away and the otherwise uneven growth of hair??

Another interesting detail we have observed is that the subject in the Patterson film, affectionately known as "Patty," is clearly Caucasian, seemingly a member of the white or light skinned races of humankind. Apes have black leathery skin. The areas on Patty's body, devoid of hair show white or light skin. Besides the unusual amount of facial hair she has, these photos reveal hair over her forehead, bangs cut above the eyebrow level. There is NO sagittal crest here, there is NO conical or pointed skull here and there is no sloped forehead as we see in gorillas! What is apparently visible here, is a mound of hair piled up towards the back of her head. MK Davis has other images showing the forward and backward movement of the top knot; it appears to be hair, not a conical skull shape.

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