Bigfoot Encounters

1987 Informant sketch of the
California Bigfoot

September 12, 1987 -- A bigfoot sketch by a long forgotten California informant describing to veteran Bigfoot field investigator, Peter Guttilla what she observed in the mountains of southern California. Legs shorter than the arms, arms hung to the groin, no waist, thick body, prolific amount of head and body hair, enormous feet and toes, the tops of which were not covered in hair, flat belly, very muscular and cut bangs that framed the creature's face above the eyebrows...very short neck...human looking eyes
No conical head, no sagittal crest, no sloped forehead...small male genitalia...
The height was not given...

"I took particular notice of this sketch in Peter's files because I also
observed "cut forehead hair" two years earlier in northern California...the difference
was that the life form I observed did not have this kind of prolific body hair,
she had sparse hair and in places, was devoid of hair in other spots on the body,
the sketch is interesting in its detail." B. Short

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From the extensive files of veteran researcher,
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