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Warrants issued in shooting of scientist Dr. Shelly Williams...

Update on the Bili ape issue June 2006

By DON PLUMMER for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Published on: 03/02/06

Smyrna police have identified two men they are seeking in the November shooting of a world renowned primatologist, gunned down in the parking lot of a shopping center.

Warrants in the shooting of Shelly Williams on Nov. 7 have been issued for Kendall Markell Bolden of Nashville and Terrance D. Reid of Charlotte, police said today.

Bolden, 23, who police believe may be in the Atlanta area, is charged with firing the shot that struck Williams. He is also charged in connection with a botched cocaine sale in the parking lot of the Spring Road shopping center where Williams was shot, said police spokesman Officer Clark Pino.

Reid, 33, is charged with theft and drug charges in connection with "a drug deal that had gone bad," Pino said.

"Bolden has been identified as the driver of the white pickup truck that was seen leaving the area after the shooting," Pino said. "Reid was also identified as the passenger in the same vehicle."

A third man, 24-year-old Elliott Mitchell, who is serving a prison sentence in South Carolina, also has been charged in connection with the shooting, Pino said.

Williams, 49 who at the time was planning a trip to Africa to further document her 2002 discovery of a new great ape species, was paralyzed by the gunshot as she was taking clothes to be altered.

Williams is a star in the world of primatology best known as the first scientist to videotape what may be a previously unknown group of large apes in the jungles of Central Africa.

If the apes are eventually confirmed by others to be a new species of primate, it could be one of the most important wildlife discoveries in decades, New Scientist magazine said in 2004.

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