Bigfoot Encounters

Igor Burtsev investigates an area
with Bruce McDonald w/known Bigfoot activity

Igor Burtsev investigates the location where Investigator Colleen MacDonald shot her 2006 photos, which for unknown reasons remain unpublished. We find probable tracks at and nearby the location where the Sasquatch (three of them) were photographed 5 years ago. Support for the theorem that where you once see a Sasquatch, you are likely to see one again. This was the beginning of an 18 day excursion we had planned back in October of 2010. I sponsored Igors visit to Canada, which kicked off with the John Green Tribute in Harrison Lake. Some people don't understand that a track is almost never a perfect print, impressions, screefs, forefoot touchdowns, heel strikes are usually all you get. It's up to the tracker to interpret them using the context in which they are found.
...Bruce McDonald, June 2, 2011

Igor's accreditation is in History. He began his career in hominology in 1965 inspired by Dr. Porchnev and later further inspiration by John Green's books. Though the two men differ today in their fundamental beliefs with Green hanging onto the animal hypothesis and Igor siding? with native Americans and Russian research indicating these are men and not lower primates. Green is solidly in the "shoot to kill" group. Igor is not.

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