Bigfoot Encounters

The Erickson Project team member Randy Brisson
discusses the circumstances of how he obtained
materials for the upcoming, 2011 landmark documentary
on Sasquatch with Russian Investigator, Igor Burtsev,
arriving from Moscow. The location is B.C., Canada...

Brisson's original footage was shared w/me May 22, 2009 - two years ago...
Brisson was only able to grab two consecutive camera shots.
Adrian Erickson did not know Randy Brisson at the time the stills were taken..
Video Camera work by Bruce McDonald, 'trailriderresearch' -->
Updated May 15, 2011...B.Short

Additional images follow below the video

For more, read Russia's Pravda:

As you can determine, there are no foreign fractal algoithms, no disconnected pixels in the Brisson images. The images provided Photoshop experts determined the image above to be authentic in 2009.
Below is one of the two original shots taken by Randy Brisson.

Blink Animation created by film analyst, M.K. Davis

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