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The Legend of "Old Yellow Top"

Old Yellow Top was allegedly a shaggy haired humanoid with yellowish mane and a pronounced limp said to have wandered near the mines in Cobalt, Ontario, Canada. The following newspaper articles, dated 1923 to 1970 are all courtesy John Green, Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia, 1997...

Sept 1906 and July 1923 -North Bay Nugget  (Ontario)


"Cobalt, Ontario Canada July 27,1923 - Mr. J. A. MacAuley and Mr. Lorno Wilson claim they have seen the "Pre-Cambrian shield man" while working on their mining claims North and East of the Wettlaufer Mine, near Cobalt. This is the second time in seventeen years that a hairy ape-like creature nicknamed "Old Yellow-Top" because of a light colored mane has been seen in the district. The two prospectors said they were taking test samples from their claim property when they spotted what looked like a bear picking in a blueberry patch. Mr. Wilson said he threw a stone at the creature. He said, "It kind of stood up and growled at us, then ran away. It sure was like no bear I have ever seen. Its head was kind of yellow and the rest of it was black, like a bear, all covered with hair." The first report of the creature was made in Sept. 1906, by a group of men building the head frame at the Violet Mine, east of Cobalt. It has not been seen since that time."

... And this news item dated April 16, 1947 -- North Bay Nugget - Ontario

Cobalt, Ontario, Canada. - "Old Yellow-Top", the half-man, half beast that is supposed to be roaming the wilds around the Cobalt Mining Camp, was supposedly seen again by a woman and her son who live near Gillies Depot, while they were walking the tracks into Cobalt. The woman, who did not want her name made public, said she noticed a dark hairy animal with a "light" head ambling off the tracks into the bush near Gillies Lake. She said she did not get a clear look at the thing, but said it walked very much like a man. The sighting is the third such report to be made since 1906, or 1947. A search party was formed to try to find "Old Yellow-Top".

...and this article dated August 5, 1970  - North Bay Nugget, Ontario

Results in Bus Accident near Cobalt Lode Mine
Cobalt, Ontario Canada - Twenty seven miners on their way to work the graveyard shift at Cobalt Lode could have lost their lives when the bus in which they were riding went out of control and almost plunged down a nearby rock cut. Bus driver Amos Latreille, who has been driving the route for the last four months, said a dark form, which walked across the road in front of him, startled him. "At first, I thought it was a big bear. But then it turned to face the headlights, and I could see some light hair almost down to its shoulders. It couldn't have been a bear." Although no one was hurt, Mr. Latreille said he did not know if he would continue to drive the bus. "I have heard of this thing before, but never believed it. Now I am not so sure." One of the miners at the front of the bus said he caught a brief glimpse of the creature. Larry Cormack said it "looked like a bear to me at first, but it didn't walk like one. It was kind of all stooped over. Maybe it was a wounded bear, I don't know." Mr. Cormack added that he did not believe that PreCambrian Shield Man existed anyway.” My father used to talk about it, but I've seen it close up," he pointed out. The story started back early 1900s when a group of construction workers claimed to have seen the creature.

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