Bigfoot Encounters


Reports from Russia tell of a creature known locally as the "Chuchunaa" which is over 2 m tall, clad in deerskin, and unable to talk, although it does utter a piercing whistle. A man-eater, the Chuchunaa often steals food from settlements. Observers say that the creature has a protruding brow, long matted hair, a full beard, and walks with its hands hanging below its knees. Soviet scientists speculate that the Chuchunaa represents the last surviving remnant of the Siberian paleo-asiatic aborigines that retreated to the upper reaches of the Yana and Indigirka rivers. The last reliable sighting was in the 1950's, and this manimal may now be extinct.

Source: Science Frontiers #3, April 1978.
1997 William R. Corliss

"Yeti or Wild Man in Siberia?" Nature, 271:603, 1978

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