Bigfoot Encounters

Is the Big Muddy Monster a Bigfoot?

In 1973, Murphysboro, Jackson County, Illinois, a small town on the banks of the Big Muddy River, had several sightings of a hair and mud covered monster.

On June 25 of that year, a couple sitting in their car heard weird shrieks start to come from the woods nearby; then a huge figure -- eight feet tall -- covered with light brown hair and what appeared to be mud, came out of the woods and lumbered toward their vehicle. The couple drove off and reported the encounter to the police.

Several other sightings were to follow. Two teenagers that had a close encounter with the creature said it smelled of foul river slime.

Workers at a nearby fairground saw the strange beast staring at some tethered ponies. Murphysboro police chief Toby Berger ordered a search, but all that was found was a trail of crushed grass, broken trees, and gobs of black slime.

Tony Stevens, editor of The Southern Illinoisan, said: "This is no hoax. This is hunting country, and anyone who goes around in an animal costume is going to get his butt shot off."

Source: "Strange Stories, Amazing Facts," © READER'S DIGEST, 1976
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