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The Menehune People: Hawaii's Little People

Menehune: Translates ‘little people’ in the Hawaiian literature & lore but may have been an ancient race of dwarfs. Said to live in the mountain forests that used to be old Hawaii. The menehune only came to the lowland areas at night. The islanders did not often see them, yet Hawaiians could easily describe them as two to three feet tall, stocky, covered in sparce hair with gruff little voices like the growl of a dog, whose laughter could be heard in the distance. The menehune labored only at night, their work stopped at dawn. They ate bananas, poi, small fish and shrimps and laboriously farm bananas, taro and sweet potatoes.

In ancient times, the Mu people were a tribe of menehune – the menehune Mu. (Pūku’Ii) They also are a smallish race of people traditionally dismissed as mythical but may have been an ancient race of dwarves or little people. (Luomala) These menehune (pronounced men-ah-hoonie) are not related to an ancient race of Hawaiian giants known as nawao in the islands of ancient Hawaii. (Obake Files)

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