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Destination Truth, a televion program hosted by Josh Gates investigated the Scape Ore Lizardman story in an episode aired Wednesday August 23, 2012 and declared the Lizardman story a hoax because all the footprints were identical when overlayed over each other. Gates said he didn't blame the locals for having a bit of fun with the lizardman story...

Parable reportedly occurring in Sumter and Lee Counties, South Carolina where sightings cropped up in or near Scape Ore Swamp, a dismal dark swampy place that received its name during Revolutionary War era.

According to legend, the name was shortened from Escaped Whore Swamp, so called because a group of British soldiers escaped from an American ambush there. The creature is described as a hairy, 7-foot tall, red-eyed, slimy hulk that looked like some kind of weird cross between man and an ape. In the moonlight the beast appeared greenish-black and
at least seven feet tall. The terms Lizard man and bigfoot eventually became intermixed but local officials dismiss it all
as a hoax. (Floyd)

In recent times, an article was published in a newspaper article printed in Charlotte, NC on August 9th, 1988 and in Bishopville, South Carolina. The informant told police he had been attacked by a creature while changing a tire in nearby Scape Ore Swamp about 2 am one morning in June.

The creature, he said, was over 7 feet tall, was black-green and grabbed the door of his car, running as fast as 35 mph as it did so the 17 year-old informant Christopher Davis said he swerved long the road before the creature, which had jumped on to his car but was thrown off. "It was strong and it wasn't an animal and it
wasn't no man, he said in a statement to Sheriff Liston Truesdale.

Some say the thing is a bigfoot, some think it is a bear and others think it's all a fabrication. (..the lizardman is not related to the hominid called "Bigfoot.")

Other descriptions include this one
The Lizard Man was about seven feet tall (over 2m), walking upright in a bipedal type of locomotion and well built with green scaly skin and glowing orange eyes. It is said to have three toes on each foot and three fingers on each hand which end in a circular pad on them that stick to walls.

Some in the region mistake this oddity
for a Bigfoot. It is not related.

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