Bigfoot Encounters

The Malaysian
Hantu Jarang also known as hantu jarang gigi

A Malaysia phrase for large hirsute hominoids allegedly seen during the turn of the 21 st Century in the vast Endau-Rompin Park on the east coast of the Malaysian Peninsular, described by the Orang Asli people as a shy, reclusive, hairy and a harmless creature that makes its home in the forest caves of the region.

The "creature" as described has dark brown hair covering its whole body, is about three metres tall (3 meters = 9.8 ft) and its footprint is about 45 cm (18 inches long) in size - about twice the size of an adult shoeless foot.

One area where sightings have taken place is Sungai Kencin, a tributary of the Endau River and reports include fish bones scattered on the ground as if bigfoot just had its meal.

Orang Asli tribesmen living in the area believe that there are only three of them - a male, a female and their child.

They refer to the creature by other names such as ‘gigi,’ ‘hantu jarangs’ and more recently the term, ‘bigfoot,’ which is over-used by the Malaysian media. (Sager Ahmad, Gunung Besar, Johore)

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