Bigfoot Encounters
The Ohio "Grassman"

For Bigfoot Encounters By Christopher L. Murphy

Generally speaking, the Ohio "Grassman" meets the description of Bigfoot from other parts of the United States and Canada. The most notable differences between Grassman and Bigfoot are not in the creature's description but in its habits.

Grassman has been seen in groups of up to five individuals which might indicate it is more social than Bigfoot. Further, there are indications that Grassman "cooperatively" hunts deer and either uses caves for dwellings or actually constructs crude dwellings from forest material.

We have little information in these areas concerning Bigfoot. Finally, Grassman if very often seen on farms or near farms. This fact indicates that farms are a main source of food for Grassman (often observed in cornfields).

Certainly, Ohio's highly agricultural nature is a main reason for this occurrence, however, Grassman has apparently adjusted his lifestyle to suit conditions in Ohio. Bigfoot, conversely, appears to rely mostly on non-cultivated food sources.

Information from eyewitness reports

  • Height: Ranges from 5-feet tall to 10-feet tall; generally in the 6-foot to 7-foot range
  • Footprints: Range from 10-inches to 20-inches long
  • Weight: Estimates of 300 pounds to 1,000 pounds
General descriptions
  • Cries like a baby, screams like a woman
  • Known to kill dogs
  • Snub nose, peaked eyes, very chesty
  • Often seen in corn fields
  • Noted for breaking tree limbs
  • Looks like a gorilla, but appears to stand straighter
  • Strong odor
  • Blackish-brown in color, long arms, pointed head, deep-set eyes
  • Bulky head, no neck, monstrous wide shoulders
  • Growls or barks
  • Unusual heavy breathing sounds
  • Some footprints appear to have clawed toes
  • Red eyes
  • Some reports of white creatures
  • Some prints pigeon-toed and flat-footed
  • Shaggy-haired
  • Long smooth brown hair
  • Rotten egg odor
  • Gray hair, large luminous eyes
  • Coal-black hairy creature, like an over-grown gorilla
  • Covered with hair except the palms of its hands; robot-like walk
  • Some prints are three-toed
  • Throws large rocks
  • Possible handprints have been found
  • Knocking sounds (wood hit against tree trunk)
Other notations
  • Mothers and babies have been observed
  • Feces found on tree limbs
  • Feces has wood fibers
  • Groups up to five individuals have been seen
  • Hair strand (16-inches) analyzed by Ohio State University — strand could not be identified.
  • Creature observed apparently following deer herd
  • Observed in a cave with stash of deer parts
  • Unusual structures (domes made of forest material) — may be attributed to creature.
  • Numerous unusual deer kills with just the deer's liver taken — may be attributed to creature.

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