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The "Enukins"
- Little People of NW Alaska (Pt. Hope)
The little monkey men- "innukins-tsenin" of Alaska
as told by an Inupiaq man...

The enukins are described as "Little People", smallish, mischievous creatures of the night. The general region of their habitat is north of
Kotzebue, Alaska and perhaps the Point Hope area is best known for being the origin of the "myth."

Many elders in Kotz area hand down
andient fireside stories of "Enukins" to Inupiaq children. Much like the white man tells boogie man stories to frighten his children so the Kotz elders told their children. For example, the Native Inupiaq mother's would say,
"..if you don't behave, the Enukins will ....

Photo: Inupiaq men eating dinner -->

Anyone from NW Alaska will be familiar with the Little People called Enukins though little is known beyond Native oral history, which I am told has always been there...

I found these thoughts from an old thread by someone called, “Majik Imaje,” he signed himself from Pt Hope, Alaska

"Enukins, they are The Little People that live underground in the Arctic.

Some of what I am about to tell you will seem preposterous, but just ask any person that lives in any village from Nome clear up to Barrow, Alaska and all of the villages of the entire North Slope Region, will tell you that what I am about to try and explain is "true".

Do I have photos? No, not yet, but I'm working on it, there has to be a way to prove this with recent giant advances in technology I am sure it will become possible to "catch & record proof” of the Ignaugalurauks… The Little People that live underground and in caves here above the Arctic Circle.

This is no legend or folklore; new sightings are prevalent and constant each and every year!

I will tell you stories and provide photographs of all that "can be seen" in this vast huge expanse of area of several hundred thousand of square miles. Things happen out here that just do not make sense. For instance, you may not believe what I am about to explain, you have to be here to experience these happenings, no matter what I type, you will be very skeptical and doubtful ONLY because this does not happen where you live, therefore: ??
Lets start… at the beginning so you have a better understanding of what is going on up here where frequent reports abound and from in each and every village! This is a vast area we are talking about in square miles, roughly the size of ALL the New England STATES put together empty.
A long time before the whaling companies arrived, the Ignaugalurauk's lived among the people of Point Hope, AK. One of their young was eaten by a dog and they moved out of the village. These enukin people are small, 3-4 feet in height!

<-- Photo: Inupiaq children at play...

They live in the old ways to this very day they dressed in caribou skins. They still hunt with bow & arrow. They live underground, and in caves all throughout this vast area. They possess super human qualities that you will never believe. They are incredibly strong and they can run, very fast; they sneak around the villages stealing food.  When any hunter shoots and kills a caribou, it requires two adult Inupiaq men to lift that caribou to place on a sled. It only takes ONE Ingnakalaurak or Enukins to pick one up and RUN WITH IT, over his head (carrying animal) running, with a dead caribou? How do you make sense out of that? Bush Pilots have reported seeing caribou moving, quickly, in a horizontal position??? Figure that one!

Let's stop right here and let me extend an invitation to you. Anyone can come on up here, talk to the bush pilots. They will tell you what they have seen with their own eyes, but you will not believe them, because, you know it makes little sense even though you have never been up here or heard of this before.  Come on up!! See and experience it for yourself.

Have I got your attention now …good. I have no need to lie or exaggerate about any of what goes on up here around Pt Hope. I have no problem with the truth however, I do have a huge problem with liars and phonies that is why I stay up here in the Arctic; to us it's “Heaven on Earth”

Inupiaq man, Luke Koonuk was out hunting many miles from Point Hope, Imagine this if you can, …you travel hundreds of miles into a vast empty area, Luke's 4 wheel Honda was stuck in the mud. He had tried and tried to lift or get it out of the ruts to get it free. He was exhausted bent over huffing and puffing; exhausted when suddenly out of the corner of his eye he sees, his Honda rise in the air and come bouncing down on firmer ground and something that was sort of a blur, was running away. When a hunter is lost or stuck or in trouble these little people seemingly appear out of no where to assist and then are gone in a flash.
Many people up here have had many different experiences, I could go on and on with stories of what goes on up here and I promise to tell all I have experienced during my almost 3 decades of living among the Inupiaq peoples.

Hunters, experienced hunters, often talk about caribou that they have shot & killed. Dead and the caribou will disappear before they reach it to dress it out. Make no mistake, these people are very good in what they do, they are perhaps the best hunters in the world.

Jump on a 4 wheel Honda or a snowmobile, and go 200 miles out into this empty region at 50 below zero and stay out there for weeks. You see a caribou and shoot it, it falls down, motionless and they wait and watch; have a smoke… wait and watch. We do not waste time out here driving; gas is too expensive; well over 5.00 per gallon for years up here.

“That caribou is dead,” said Inupiaq man Joe Oktillik, I got on my machine and drove over those hills, and ?? Where is it, I know this is the spot and there is no blood anyplace, no tracks to the left or the right and no tracks going straight ahead. The last place I looked Joe said, “was up!?” Caribou is gone, no tracks? This happens a lot up here.

I am not going to waste time here trying to convince anyone. Come on up; go out there and see what happens. I can be your guide. Or connect you to a reputable source. The best time to come on up here is in June during whaling festival in Barrow, Alaska; I live here now, and I am inviting any and all that wish to see, experience, life in the arctic. Although my house is small, I can comfortably fit 4 people at any time. I have two spare rooms in my two story house here in Barrow Alaska. There are 5 adults living in this toasty warm house and two rooms to spare for any who wish to visit the Arctic at the top of the world in Barrow. There are also a few hotels in town but they do not offer free home cooked meals, 5 times per day if necessary. So lets talk about "what goes on up here in the arctic. STRANGE THINGS YOU WILL NEVER BELIEVE!

Copyright Majik Imaje, August 2009
Edited for clarity and spelling

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