Bigfoot Encounters

The Curinqueans
of South America

These are South America’s sasquatch-like creatures reportedly measuring up to twelve feet tall, with vague similarities to the great apes have a horrific scream that echoes throughout the rain forests. ..may be the same or related to the didi, di-di, the mono grande, the matuyu or the curupira and perhaps the mapinguary or mapinguari. (...there are many spelling alternatives)

In modern times, ornithologist David Orens hunted for what he perceives to be a surviving giant sloth in the Amazon jungles, but much of what he describes could be attributed to Curinqueans or perhaps two different upright walking entities. Enormous piles of fecal matter have been located.

Since the arrival of the Portuguese and Spanish in South America, decades of reports suggesting bestial and dangerous sub-humans have filtered out of the Amazon. None is more compelling than the one made by Colonel P. H. Fawcett, made world famous by his dramatic and still unexplained disappearance with his eldest son in South America. The Colonel's diaries were preserved up to his last fatal expedition, and published by his other son, Brian Fawcett, under the title 'Lost Trails, Lost Cities'.

In it, the Colonel describes an encounter in 1914 with a group of enormous hairy savages that, although looked very primitive, were carrying bows and arrows. Interestingly, these wild men apparently could not speak, just grunt, and upon arriving at their village, the Colonel and his group were on the verge of being attacked, barely avoiding capture or death by firing their guns into the ground at the ape-men's feet, who then fled in terror.

See: Mapinguary

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