Bigfoot Encounters


On October 11, 1997 the WORLD JOURNAL, published in Taiwan, carried an interesting article on Bigfoot. The article is in Chinese, so I had a friend interpret it for me. This was done over the telephone and I recorded what he said. I do not know how to spell the names of the cities and failed to ask him the spelling. Anyway, I have the names on tape and can get the spelling if needed. The summarized story in plain English is as follows.

A woman who works for a Wildman Research Center in China was going through the belongings of her recently deceased father. Her father had been with the Wildlife Research Centre in China. Among the belongings she found a video tape taken in 1986 that contained footage of an unusual person in a very remote, forested area of China.

The person, a male, about 33 years old, was very tall (about two meters or 6 feet 5 inches). He had a small head and what appeared to be a kind of tail. His body shape and arms and legs are similar to those of the North American Bigfoot. He did not have any noticeable long hair and did not speak any language.

He took fairly large steps when he walked. The mother of the "boy" was still alive when the video was taken. The mother stated that she had been kidnapped/abducted by a "Chinese wildman" after the death of her husband and the boy was an offspring of the "relationship" with the wildman.

The woman previously had a son by her husband. The son was an officer in the army and he persuaded his mother to tell her story to the Wildlife Research People. She told her story under the condition that the research people would not reveal her identity while she was alive because he was ashamed of what had happened.

The article goes on to state that Chinese wild-men have been recorded as far back as 100-200BC. It also mentions the finding of a monkey-boy in 1932 in the "Long River area" but wasn't anymore specific than that, ...unfortunately no mention of the village name.

I have since learned that the Chinese say "Chang-jiang," or just "Jiang" which means "Long River." It refers, of course to the longest river in China and the third longest in the world after the Nile and the Amazon, the Yangtze River, which has as its source the treeless mountains of Tanggula Ranges in Upper Qinghai. The river winds 6,300 kilometers (3,900 miles) through the country from west to east and earns the name Changjiang.

The extensive river cuts through the heart of China and is regarded by the Chinese as the geographical marker dividing the country into north and south. It winds its way through the 10 provinces of Qinghai, Tibet, Yunnan, Sichuan, Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi, Anhui, Jiangsu and Shanghai before disgorging its waters into the Yellow Sea. (Short)

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In the province of XXXXXX, first discovered in the world of a cross between a human and a "bigfoot."
On September 26, 1997 in the Chinese Research Center for the Bigfoot presented one of the wonders of the world, on the screen appeared to be what was just a normal naked person, male, upon closer examination its head seemed to be smaller than usual, noticeable kind of tail formation on its back, the height of the subject is about two meters tall, when he walks his steps are fairly large, the body shape and extremities are similar to that noted for the Bigfoot, he does not speak any language, there is no noticeable long hair on the subject, the supervisor of the research center said this film was discovered in among her father's belongings when he passed away last year, her father used to be secretary of the Wildlife Research in China, the recording was made in 1986, in the neighborhood of Shennongjjia, which is a very famous place in China for its virgin forests, it is a place where a lot of these rare species have been seen, because it has not been touched by humans or society. At the time they recorded the subject he was estimated to be about 33 years old; the mother of the subject was still alive, and that woman had been a widow for a long time and never mentioned anything about this event because she feels a little bit ashamed of what happened and this woman does have an older son, the son of her and her husband

The older son who was an officer in the army, persuaded the mother to tell the research center exactly what happened, the research center promised not to reveal the identity and the event while she was alive, according to the mother what happened was she was kidnapped by the wildman, more funding more research is under way, the wild man has been recorded since ancient times, first recording 100 or 200 BC also 700 AD, as well as 1400-1500 AD.

As far as cross breed between the wild beast and the human it is fairly rare, there was a case in 1932 where in the neighborhood of the Long River, there was a monkey-boy that was discovered, it was not reported until after its death. The parents and the boy's behavior is extremely close to the monkey but it also had features of the human being as well.

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