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The Clanton Booger of Chilton County, Alabama

The Booger, Booger-boo and Booger Man are terms usually heard in the southern states and are local nicknames for the traditionally described Bigfoot or Sasquatch.

The Clanton Booger is an old Chilton County, Alabama fable that circulated in the 1960's -- and was recently stated inaccurately by a self-made cryptozoologist who penned, then published this claim: "There's a Southern version of bigfoot that is much like a chimpanzee," said Bigfoot researcher and (former) professor at the University of Southern Maine, Loren Coleman... it runs around in the bottom lands and is much more connected to the creeks and swampy areas." Of course, there is no evidence to support such a wild statement.

The North American Bigfoot is a biped, it walks upright as a normal course of locomotion where as chimpanzees are quadrupeds, 'knuckle-walkers'. There is no fossil record or other evidence for indigenous chimpanzees or bonobos or any of the other great apes in North America. None! There may be those apes held in captivity that may have escaped their enclosures from zoos, circuses, sideshows or primate sanctuaries, but those are not cryptids; there is no mystery there... certainly nothing that can be classified as a cryptid.

At this writing, there is no known link associated between chimpanzees and sasquatches. Coleman is quoted as saying, “the prints left behind at the Clanton scene proved the creature was more ape than man,” but Coleman is not a track expert and he is not a field savvy bigfoot investigator; he is a writer with a penchant for exaggerating truths...such as the 'nape,' that word doesn't exist in the dictionary; it is the invention of the man who tagged himself the world's leading cryptozoologist.

According to forensic primate print expert J. Chilcutt in Conroe, Texas, the dermal ridges and other specific barefoot definitions consistent with sasquatch tracks are neither man nor ape.

See: and other statements by Chilcutt available through a Bigfoot Encounters website search.

Whatever Chilton County, Alabama informants were seeing way back in 1960, (49 years ago at this writing) -- it was not, in my research, sasquatch related if the tracks were ape-like (with a distant divergent toe); perhaps a feral or loosed domesticated chimp; perhaps an overloaded imagination or several rounds of Jack Daniels. At this point, it is important to note that the true southern Booger has a big toe and four digits that are in alignment. The track imprint of the Booger is more human-looking, which is typical of the North American Sasquatch. There is no divergent big toe to the Booger track imprint.

In another piece of writing, Coleman also refers to the Clanton Booger as “giant monkey men of Chilton County." This is simple misinformation, there is no fossit record - simply no evidence such things as giant monkey men ever existed in the USA. This is another example of Coleman's stretching of the truth....just another of his erroneous proclamations because chimpanzees are not "giants" and they are not "monkey men."

The citation & quotations are from the Clanton, Alabama Advertiser: July 7 & 11, 2004 and according to that particular newspaper article, recounted again in Coleman’s Ape book where there are other confused comparisons between apes & the Sasquatch.

There may very well be sasquatch-like creatures in Alabama, certainly there are a number of witness accounts that would support that notion; but there are no "giant monkey-men" with footprints unknown to primate print expert James Chilcutt.. at least 'not yet'...

The story of the Florida "Bardin Booger" is here:

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