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Busau, Buso, Busso  

This terminology comes from the island of Mindanao in the southern Philippine archipelago. The Busau or Buso, depending on the sound-alike spelling, may be a remnant race of hairy giants.

The Bagobo tribesmen identify "Buso” to mean, evil spirits..." described as having "a long body, long feet and neck, curly hair, a black face, flat nose and it was once described with one big red or yellow eye. (something may have been lost in the translation here, and too, it may be pure folklore rooted in who knows what…)

The giant Busau has big feet and extraordinarily long fingers but small arms and the creature is said to have two big teeth which are long and pointed like fangs....

In the Mayo district: "Busau, is said to be a gigantic man who always shows his teeth and is otherwise of ferocious aspect.” (Cole)
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Citation: Cole, Fay Cooper-Cole: "The Wild Tribes of Davao District, Mindanao," by Fay-Cooper Cole, Field Museum of Natural History Publication 170, Anthro Ser Vol. XII No. 2 Sept 1913 (Chicago); personal interviews with inhabitants of Mindanao, 1999 by Bobbie Short.

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