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Calvert, Texas, - Robertson County was often called “Booger County” because of frequently reported sightings of big hairy creatures they called “boogers” way back in the late 1800’s but not since.

The name booger is used variously in places, usually in the southern United States, not Texas alone.

One famous reference from the past is the Alabama Booger, tall black-eyed hair-covered giant that bellowed his way around terrorizing country folk. The Alabama Booger in Chilton County, Alabama was often seen in and around the Clanton area, described by the locals as tall, broad shouldered, hairy from head to toe and very frightening.

Booger/s a term related to “boogey man stories,” - a scary man thing or campfire apparition usually associated with hairy giant, specters or mysterious monsters.

In his research, Oregon’s Henry Franzoni found many Booger locations in the USA and Canada, among his list were these places like The Booger Den Hollow, Booger Hill, Booger Hollow and Boogertown Gap to name a few and all in Tennessee, especially Van Buren and Grundy Counties. There is a Booger Mountain, a Booger Valley and a Booger Falls...

The term Booger Bear was used in and around Columbus. Mississippi  in the early to mid-1900’s; generally described as being well over 7 feet tall, covered in mostly light colored hair, rarely black. One account said the creature would hang out around little school houses and playgrounds looking forlorn and lonely with long hair hanging in its face. It would usually scared the dickens out of the children when it showed itself; generally it watched children at play from a hidden position and never caused any harm.

According to one Quapaw Native American who wrote saying in her mother's time, the 'big man' moved to the north and has not returned. "We think they live in the mountains in the far north, the hunting is better there."

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