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Hair covered wild men seen near Cebu

Agta: - A taller than life hair covered wild man reportedly seen from time to time on the island of Cebu in the Central Visayas Philippines…

Anecdotal: In 2009 – A man reportedly watched
a short segment on the dinner time GMA News, that had an interview with another man who claimed he and his girlfriend saw an "Agta" this past Easter week. The sighting was at the entrance to Balay sa Agta (House of Giants) cave; a well known tourist spot with guided tours available. The couple trekked (unguided) down the steep narrow trail, to the mouth of the cave in the late afternoon. Upon entering the cave, they heard sounds they described as snoring and growling that echoed throughout the cave. When the couple's eyes grew better adapted to the darkness from the daylight...they both witnessed a tall (2.3 meters = or 7 ft 6½ in) dark figure watching them from the shadows. The witness stated that it was standing on two legs, but much bigger than any seemed one of the cave giants was at home. They both ran frantically out of the cave and back up the trail. The man said that his girlfriend could not attend the interview, because she had injured her leg while climbing back up the rocky cliff. This cave is also known for the "flying rod" phenomenon that has been witnessed and photographed by many. (Citation:
Anecdote from my database: During my time in the South Pacific island chain in 1999,
a resident fisherman, Lester Ortesmos, told my guides they had encountered a hair-covered giant 2 years prior (1997) off the coast of San Remigio, Cebu Island while in route to the neighboring island of Bantayan, also in the Philippines. He said, as their boat approached Hilantagaan Island, a very tall, wide shouldered, well built man waded out into the deep sea in the direction of Silion Island and disappeared into the evening setting sun. In silhouette, the giant appeared hairy and it was dark; no physical details could be obtained from the informant other than he seemed to be a powerful swimmer. Ortesmos had heard other stories of fisherman who occasionally see these giants diving off shore and one lady with a mobile fruit stand claimed she was approached by a giant as she pushed it home one evening late along the water front; I don't recall that Ortesmos used the term "agta," but the description was close and in the same general area of Cebu Island . (Short 1999)

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