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In Abkhazia, Western Caucasus, relict hominoids are called abnauayu, rife with rich history dating back to the 1400’s. While collecting reports in 1962, zoologist Professor Alexander Mashkovtsev, a Russian colleague of Boris Porshnev, heard and studied the story of Zana. Subsequently, Porshnev took over where his late companion left off.
(Citation: Igor Bourtsev, Dmitri Bayanov, M.Trachtengerts & Vadim Makarov)

Information on Zana can be searched for on the Internet using keywords “The Story of Zana,” information is borrowed from Porshnev's work “The Struggle for Troglodytes.”

Briefly, Zana was a female abnauayu who had been caught and tamed and who lived and died within the memory of a number of people still alive at the time the initial research was being done. She was buried near the village of Tkhina in the Ochamchiri District of Abkhazia in the 1880s or 1890s. (Igor Bourtsev)

The term abnauayu is also spelled Ab'now-Aju in Makarov's book, "Atlas" p.8, generally means in English, "the woman-bear." The story of Zana can be found here: and there is mention here: and again, mentioned in this article:

The story of Zana is also published in Dmitri Bayanov’s book,”In the Footsteps of the Russian Snowman,” available through him or

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