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R. Scott Nelson's Open Letter to
the Sasquatch Research Community

From:  R. Scott Nelson
To:  Sasquatch Research Community

 Re:  Sasquatch Phonetic Alphabet (S.P.A.) (attached)  

       Since I became involved in Sasquatch research a little over two years ago, I have received dozens of e-mails from around the country involving first-hand witness accounts, many containing recorded audio files of perceived Sasquatch Language.  Virtually all of these have included an attempt to spell out Sasquatch “words” using Standard English.  This is of little value to the language researcher, since English is notoriously non-phonetic and is subject to widely-varied local dialects. 

     Since our ultimate goal is the recovery of Sasquatch Language, I have found it necessary to establish a phonetic alphabet and transcription standard based on the transcription of the Berry/Morehead tapes, by which the contrast and comparison of all future suspected language can be facilitated. 

     To this end, as a valuable tool in the future of Sasquatch Language research, I am requesting that the attached standard be published on research web-sites and that it be copied and distributed freely.  With this, I am also requesting that local investigators begin using this alphabet as soon as possible to accurately document any perceived Sasquatch Language. 

     This standard should not be limited to first-hand witness accounts or recordings from North America, but should be used by investigators world-wide, since most languages have many of the same non-phonetic characteristics as English.  The work is written in the style of a military crypto-logic SOP (Standard Operating Procedure). 

     It is my belief that there is nothing more important, at this early stage of Sasquatch Language study, than to standardize the documentation of evidence. 

     With highest regard for all those engaged in the work of Sasquatch recognition.                                                          

R. Scott Nelson
20 June 2010

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