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Photographs of tracks at the Patterson site attributed to
Lyle Laverty but seen here with Rene Dahinden's
signature pipe along side for size...

...and BELOW this full page scan of page 232 of Jeff Meldrum's 2004 book,
"Legend Meets Science"
According to NY Kodak technician, Peter V., these photographs were shot
after dark or at dusk using a flash camera and perhaps the aid of a flashlight.
Only one track is pristine, top-left and it is laid down in a tire-track indicting a road or
road equipment on the Bluff Creek sandbar at the Patterson film site.

Laverty was a 22-year-old forestry tree cutter and
I doubt he marked trees for cutting after dark, that wouldn't make sense.
In none of Laverty's three different statements to Mike Dennett, Roger Knights, Daniel Perez
and others did he mention being on site after dark; he is also on record as giving 3 differing
statements to various in research and nobody questions these discrepancies, why?
Nobody even asked Laverty's camera type. Laverty is on record as saying he never
used a pipe, why is Rene Dahinden's signature pipe in photos attributed Laverty?

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