Sources say Dogman and Bigfoot
are two separate entities
by Donna Anderson for the Examiner dot com .....
August 27, 2012

This article has to do with a separate entity that has a "muzzle-face," -projects red eye glow and runs on all fours and is bipedal that is misidentified as a Sasquatch. Apparently they are two separate beings.

In Coast to Coast AM's “Knapp's News” for August 26, 2012, George Knapp links out to an article that claims Dr. Melba Ketchum, DVM has determined that Dogman and Bigfoot are two separate entities. Interesting news when you consider that Ketchum has yet to release her paper on the results of her Bigfoot DNA research.

To quote Sean over at “Please don't let this be true!” I'm not exactly sure why he's praying for divine intervention, but I can tell you why I'm in a dilemma over this message.

First, let's talk about Dr. Melba Ketchum, and we're going to leave out sarcasm and evil intent. I'm merely explaining why this Dogman vs. Bigfoot thing has me so on edge.

Ketchum has been promising to deliver her peer reviewed paper since April 2012 and so far, that hasn't happened. Never having published my own peer reviewed paper, I have no idea what's involved in the process and the delay may be perfectly legitimate.

Ketchum sent out a Facebook blast on July, 12, 2012, stating that she and her team were not going to answer any questions about their findings until their paper was published and please stop flooding them with emails and questions. I was following Ketchum on Facebook, received this message myself and thankfully thought to copy it and file it away.

Days later, when I tried to track down Ketchum's Facebook page again, it was gone and, as confirms, her website was taken down, too.

Again, let's give Ketchum the benefit of the doubt here. There are millions of people waiting on pins and needles for her results. I'm sure the poor woman is being bombarded with emails. If I were her I'd eliminate contact points, too. Even reading all those emails is a huge time-suck, and it does make you feel guilty and pressured if you can't take time to respond.

So, we've never seen an official, published paper and never heard someone say: “Yes, Virginia, there is a Bigfoot.” But now sources close to Ketchum are saying that she has determined, through scientific testing, that Dogman and Bigfoot are two different entities.

Here's my dilemma:

  • For whatever reason, Ketchum hasn't published her paper yet, hence, there is no “definitive” proof that Bigfoot is even an “entity.”
  • If Ketchum hasn't managed to definitively prove that Bigfoot exists and that it's a previously undiscovered species, then how can she say that “Dogman” and “Bigfoot” are two separate entities?

How can you compare two currently “non-existing” entities? A better statement might be, “This DNA sample differs from that DNA sample” because, at this point, we really don't know what Ketchum is looking at or what scientific methods she's using to determine what she's looking at.

I agree with Sean. Please, don't let this be true. But if it is, can somebody please prove it?

, Coast to Coast Radio Examiner

Donna Anderson is a freelance writer. She's been a Coast to Coast AM listener for more than 7 years and shares her love of the show with readers here at, where you can also find her coverage of Alex Jones and the Paranormal.


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