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Bigfoot caught on tape?
By Scott Davis / 3TV Producer

08:14 PM Mountain Standard Time on Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Exclusive new videotape may show elusive Bigfoot creature Bigfoot hunters are eating their hearts out. Cryptozoologists are hoping this new video may be the evidence they've sought. Skeptics are already dismissing it as another man in a monkey suit. On a secret, secluded location in the north Texas woods, a video camera equipped with a night-vision lens captured something strange. A hunched-over figure moves among the trees. It travels fast, appearing to skirt the trunks and branches with ease, despite the pitch-black of night. The figure traverses a ravine and then moves off-camera, with the crunching of branches and leaves to mark its passage. Tom Biscardi is ecstatic at the image. He has a network of dozens of people who agreed to place the cameras on their properties across the United States. This video is apparently the first to yield results. Still shots show a figure that definitely looks ape-like. He's sent the tape off for analysis and enhancement, and shared it exclusively with Arizona Tonight.

Watch the Texas video....

Or click on this link for the video filmed in North Texas...

There isn't enough visual information to be gathered from this "ghostly apparition" and it doesn't appear to be the usual night vision film....this is more footage where nothing new is learned. I am surprised it was even released muchless that it has anything to do with the sasquatch......Bobbie Short

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