A Story from Woodward County, Oklahoma
This was reported in the Woodward News some time in the 1980's and after reading it I just blew it off. Later had cause to rethink.

This happened in the summertime around dusk on a small farm west of Vici. A boy went out to check on his pigs some distance from the farmhouse and was confronted by a large hairy animal on all fours. He immediately turned and ran back to the farmhouse to get his father, who was there with some other men.

The men and boy returned to the area in their pickups with weapons. The sun had gone down farther and it was getting dark but the animal showed up well in the headlights of the vehicles.

The noise and light didn't seem to scare the animal which proceeded to stand on it's hind feet and stare at the men, making a loud breathing/growling noise. A shot fired into the air didn't seem to spook the creature, which stood for a few moments more then turned and walked off on its hind legs.

Ambled is the word that comes to my mind. This was reported on Woodward radio as well as the Woodward News. Don't remember much follow-up other than a report a few weeks later from the father saying he wished he had never said anything as he was being bombarded with questions from "whackos" from all over the place.

I was driving truck in the oilfield at the time and knew of many "spooky" places all over the state and didn't automatically discount the report. A few years later in hauling salt water from wells in that general area, I had the opportunity to tell the pumper the story. Rather than laughing and joking about it, he said that local people new of this creature, had for a long time and only kept quiet for fear of being called crazies. He said that he too had heard about it and always made sure that he checked his wells in that area and was gone before dark! I had often thought about researching this further, and stumbling onto this club spurs me on.

Can't say I believe in bigfoot/sasquatch/yeti/etc but I don't throw out the possibility. At one time the giraffe was considered to be mythical!

Map below: -- Reported to the Oklahoma Monkey Chasers
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