Redding, Shasta County, California

April 8, 1997
You are not going to believe what happened to me this morning.!!!! I went out to my ususal hunting spot in Tehema County, for turkey this morning, (didn't shoot any but saw two.) I heard a Sasquatch making a territorial howl. The howls sounded EXACTLY like the one in the tape and the recordings . I heard it and first thought it might be coyotes, but when I turned my Game Ear up, (a listening device for hunting....alot like a hearing aid)....I heard it and there was NO mistaking what it was....I mean I was shocked, scared and surprised. I can't believe how precise it sounded to the howl on the tape...I got home and listened to it again and again...God, I wish I had had a tape recorder. There were coyotes howling along with it but they sounded far more different. When I heard it , it sounded pretty far away (a mile or more at least.). I tried to imitate it to see if I could get a response, but then I realized, "Hey this is a territorial call, what if I piss it off and it comes looking for me?". So I jumped into my truck and locked the door. (big chicken, huh). I was so jazzed up , that when my gun fell on the floor in my truck....I screamed. I mean this thing had me pumped!!!!I plan on going out in the area that I think I heard the call from and trying to tape record it and maybe I can find out exactly where this one is located. I wonder if it's not the same one I saw last year?

Oh, by the was about between 4:30 - 5:00 in the morning when I heard the howl. Man this howl roused just about everything after it quit. The coyotes carried on for a bit and then a few turkeys started gobbling and it wasn't even dawn yet... I wonder just what effect the howl has towards other animals? I mean it stated them going when I myself could not generate a response through calls of my own...Owl calls,that is. Maybe I can get an opinion or some ideas from you on this as well. I tend to think perhaps these howls may generate a response of territoriality in most any creature hence the response, but I could be wrong.

James Shaver
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