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Clackamas County 2003
Zig Zag, Oregon
, --- additional track and area photos here

My name is Brent Simpson, and although we have never met, we are members of the same truck club. I found out from Rob "the Toonman" Butler that you are a Big Foot researcher. Yesterday I was visiting my uncle in Zig Zag, OR. I was helping him lay a new tile floor. We were talking while we were working, and he mentioned seeing some big footprints just North of his place the day before.

When we took a break I asked him to show them to me. There was a whole string of them. They came out of the woods, across the clearing, and back into the woods at the other side. Most of the tracks were not very clear, just big indentations, but there was one that was very clear.

You could make out 5 toes! The track measured 16 1/2 by 7 inches. I knew enough about Big Foot, from watching some of the shows on TLC, that I should make a cast of the good one. I had no plaster, but I did have the tiling cement, so that is what I used! It took a long time to set up, and I pulled it out of the ground tonight. I will try to get a photo of it top show you to see what you think! I just thought I should let someone know. Thanks in advance! Brent

Report sent in by "OSIR ~ Rick"
Oregon Sasquatch Investigations & Research
Mon, 27 Jan 2003 08:04:21 GMT

Investigator's followup report:
From: "OSIR ~ Rick" <>
Tuesday, January 28, 2003 11:56 PM -
Today I went to Zig Zag and met with Brent. He lives near Bend and was just up for the weekend to help his uncle. He stayed until we could meetand then was heading home tomorrow.

He showed me the track he had cast, which looked good. It was 16 1/2 x 6 1/2 inches. I took 2 photo's of it. He also took me to the site where it was found.

At the site there was a wooded hill to the West, that opened up into a clearing about 75 feet across, then dropped off to the woods by the creek.

The soil on the hill was very hard, and no tracks were found, but in the clearing the soil was soft, and there you could make out "indentations" that very well could be tracks. The indentations had a 4 1/2 foot stride. Brent showed me the one he had cast, but it was torn up due to having to use a shovel to get it out of the ground. He said that on Sunday, the tracks looked much better than they did today.

Brent's Uncle expressed no interest in talking to anyone about this, and wanted no exposure for his find. To give an idea of the area, you go to Zig Zag up Hwy 26, and turn North just before the Ranger Station. This road heads up to the Lolo Pass. Up the road a ways there is a primitive park to the right, Brent's Uncle lives near this park. To keep Brent's Uncle happy, that is as specific as I can get.

Rick Wood
Director, O.S.I.R.
Oregon Sasquatch Investigations & Research
Photographs copyright OSIR

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