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Yadin County North Carolina
June-July 1979 1 pm
Nearest City Wilkesboro and road 421

When I was 11, I would go to my friend Patrick's house in Yadin County and spend the weekend sometimes the week. (It was summer) Like most kids, we played in an old hay barn that we had made our fort. This area was rolling dried up cow pastures, a few mud spots in the middle; a one-acre farm pond that was low and muddy, a five-strand barbed wire fence on two sides of it to keep cattle out of the woods.

While in this barn loft playing one day, we looked across the pasture towards the pond, we saw a very hairy beast, it was down on all fours drinking water from our farm pond. This amazed us, as there were no cattle or horses in the pasture the whole time.

At first we just thought it was somebody's cow in need of water, as it was very hot that summer. My friend went to get a pair of binoculars to see what it was; before he could leave the thing stood up on it's hind legs and walked back towards the woods.

On its way it stepped over a 5-strand barbed wire fence. We just stood there dumbfounded at what we had both just seen. It was a tall biped dark brown almost black creature. I would say about 8 foot tall after it stood up, as it stepped over a five-strand barbed wire fence like it was nothing.

I didn't go to look for tracks, as I was scared stiff after I heard the screeching sound that sounded almost like fingernails on a chalkboard.

We never told anybody about this for several years - until recently when a deer hunter was hunting in the same area and claimed that he shot a deer, but before he could find it he heard in his words "the damnedest scariest screeching he had ever heard in his entire life" when he got to the kill site something had dragged his deer off, and he wasn't about to go look for it. I've told my wife about it and a friend by the name of Durant Haire. I don't know the deer hunters name. I hang out in a gun shop when I'm not working. (I'm also a gunsmith) he was relating the story to a man there, and I was listening in… Now you know my story. Mr. Edward Sizemore

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