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Windham County, Connecticut
Fall 2002 - Route 169 Woodstock

The witness was driving home on route 169 in Woodstock CT., when this animal crossed the road about 200 feet in front of her; the description is as follows:
It was very big and strong looking. It moved quickly, down on all fours, like a gorilla or chimp. I asked her to estimate size and she said about the size of a gorilla she saw in the zoo. It was a light blonde color with immense forearms. She mentioned the forearms 3 maybe 4 times.

She slowed the car and watched the hominoid move into a cemetery, stand up and jump a tall stonewall and disappear into the brush. No other witnesses just her driving alone about 6 PM.
This sighting is not far from the area where the first Woodstock sighting occurred, less than 2 miles and not far from the Thompson, CT sighting.

The informant suggested Bigfoot traveled through the Connecticut and Rhode Island area in spring and fall. She wondered if this could mean a migratory pattern?

The informant said, "I am glad more people are finally reporting these creatures in the
Northeast. I expect a lot more sightings will pop up as Bigfoot becomes more accepted
up here, it will make my job a lot easier."

"I hope this sighting helps you in your research of these fascinating creatures. I want to get out and take some photos of the territorial markers in CT/RI that I have seen. This nasty weather is just not cooperating. Hope to get you some photos soon.

Informant and witness information withheld by request because they are well-known in the community.

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