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Windsor, Ontario 1984

I used to live outside of Windsor, Ontario on a rural route, Normandy Road, for two years. I waited late one night for a friend to pick me up about midnight or a little later, it was pitch-black outside except for two street lights. As I was waiting for awhile with the lights totally out in the house, staring out the window to see, I saw this creature walking out of the bush, across the R. Route towards a enclave of houses. My thought was he walked toward garbage cans.

The hair on the back of my neck stood up, the creature was fairly tall, I would guesstimate over seven feet tall, covered in hair. I raced back to the back sliding door to see him walk under the other light, but I did not. I remember being fairly scared that he would see me. This happened in October of 1984.

Iris Di Santo
Santa Barbara