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Windham County, Connecticut
On the old Providence Worcester rail line, now a riding, biking trail. Labor Day weekend, 1997

I was riding my geriatric quarter horse mare on a trail about 5 miles from where I live. It was a very warm day and since there was a clean stream (rare for CT) off the trail I decided to let her drink and splash around a bit. I was watching some little fish in the stream when I noticed a footprint on the bank.

My first reaction was, who is walking barefoot around here?! Then the size hit me, huge, nearly twice as big as my size 8 riding boot. That really made me nervous. At the same time, my horse, who was absolutely bomb proof, started getting antsy. She was an angel and anyone could ride her. I adored her and to this day I miss her. She was my first horse, but not my last. Now I have a Morgan and board an Arabian mare but that is another story.

At this point I thought okay time to go, I don't want to meet the person with the size 20 shoes who is running around these woods barefoot. Just as I turned my horse back to the trail, "The smell" hit me, it was foul, and skunk-like with an over tone of wet dog and burned garlic. I actually gagged it was so bad. At this point my horse was on the verge of bolting, mind you, this'd was a 20-year-old mare with severe navicular decease and arthritis.

She took off like she was shot out of a cannon. Right then all hell broke loose, there was a hill on my right and this thing came down the hill. It sounded for all the world like a bull elephant IN full charge. Trees were breaking, it was screaming and I could hear it running. The screams reverberated in my chest and hurt my ears. I rounded a corner on the trail with my horse in full bolt and me hanging on for dear life, literally, and finally saw what was chasing me.

It was very tall, dark hair, incredibly fast, looked like a cross between a man and a gorilla. Maybe 400-500 pounds, I was terrified! It paralleled me for about 50 yards then veered off back towards the hill, continuing to scream at me for another 10 minutes. I didn't stop till I found the highway and home. I have been mugged, and was not as scared as I was that day.

This is why I became a bigfoot researcher and learned about these very interesting creatures. Looking back, I realize he was probably just bluffing, like gorillas bluff. But back in 1997 I thought I was dead. My horse never really recovered and died a short while later.

I have been back to the spot twice, there are territorial markers everywhere and occasionally I get the being watched feeling when I go into that area. I have had trouble with something spooking my horses at night, and chickens have regularly disappeared from a locked hen house. Is it bigfoot? Who knows? I hear something walling at night in the spring.

So, maybe we do have a viable breeding population of bigfoot in the Northeast.

Thompson, CT
Contact information in 1997 database files. Received July 2003

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