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Williamsburg County, between Georgetown and Columbia

Highway 521 between Andrews, S.C. and Manning, S.C.

I was driving home to Columbia, South Carolina from Georgetown S.C. on highway 521. It was around 12:00am when I saw something standing on side of the road. It was on the right side of road. I saw what looked like a little fox running down side of road then run across the highway, followed by something big dark and shaggy in appearance at first standing still then leaping across the highway into woods from right to left.

I had to swerve a little to the right because I was scared I might hit it as it went across in front of me. I didn't get a good look at it because it happened very fast, I was going around 60 mph. It's hair may have been a reddish-auburn color. The hair wasn't real long and it was kind of matted; the hair under the arms of the animal may have been a little lighter than the rest of the hair on its body. It was about the size of a large man, maybe a little bigger (6 foot to 7 foot tall). I can say it got my adrenaline pumping.

The creature was on two feet standing upright, it leaped across the highway in a long stride/leap from the right side of the highway, landing not quite clear of left side lane and another stride took it into trees/bushes on the left and out of view as I passed by.

Whatever it was it was big and fast moving. I thought it might be a bear at first but it seemed very man-like and kind of slender or lanky in a way, not round and thick like a bear. What really freaked me out was that its eyes caught and reflected the headlights so that they glowed as it went by. I'm just baffled by the whole event and I was kind of spooked the rest of the way home.

I had the vent on in the car and radio playing. When I smelled something like a dead animal a little before I saw anything. The smell was almost like that of gangrene. It looked like it turned its head toward the car as it jumped, I saw two amber colored eyes, reflecting the headlights.

The witness works nights, and was alert when the event occurred; witness information confidential

Posted by Scott McNabb to the IVBC and upload on Jeff Rense Sightings website.
Credit Researcher: Scott McNabb May 14, 1998