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Washington County, Ohio
New Matamoras, Wayne National Forest
May 2000, 5:45 AM -- Closest River: Ohio River and road: State Route 7

I was driving to work five miles south of New Matamoras, Ohio on State Route 7 on the Ohio River just between Grandview and Beavertown. It was in the early morning and I noticed a River Barge started shining its spotlight across the road I was driving on. Looking in the direction of the light, I expected they were shining there light on to a herd of deer that was on the riverbank.

Very quickly I looked to my right and I saw a set of red glowing eyes on the North side of the road. I watched this set of eyes walk quickly up the wooded hillside out of sight. I have no idea what it was other than it walked across the road on two feet and it very quickly disappeared into the brush. Whatever it was way to big to be a deer but to be honest with you, I'm not sure what it was. Its speed going up the hillside really amazed me. If it were a deer, it would have stopped in my headlights. Whoever was in the barge apparently saw the thing cross the river and onto the bank, they had to see it, because they were shining there light on the road around the area I saw it.

The area is very wooded, brushy, and hilly. This is part of Wayne National Forest.

I was less than 100 feet away from it. All I could see was the large red eyes, and a tall silhouette, couldn't make out any additional features. It was definitely walking or running on two legs. I called a toll free number that was in our local paper. Ed Goodman

Filed by Marc DeWerth, Thursday December 12, 2002

Hi Bobbie, this gentleman contacted me via my toll free number from a small newspaper ad that I had ran down in that area of the state. His phone number is on file.He does not own a computer or have an e-mail account (I'll put my e-mail address so the report will go through your server) He was very cooperative and was very willing to meet me at the sighting location. What impressed him more than anything was how quick it ran up the hill into the forest. I tried tracking down a log of what ships were in the area at that specific time with no luck or cooperation. If anyone has question's or comments they can e-mail me Marc DeWerth at