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Watson Lake, Yukon
December 2000

Yukon map

Liard River, Liard National Forest
Lower Liard Village
Nearest road: The Alaska Highway
Nearest City: Whitehorse, Yukon

Just want to say that I don't want to be bothered by reporters! They ask to many questions and it's just so annoying!

The description of the area is a single road going to the lower village with crowded bushes on each side and only 2 light posts at the end of the street, with four houses around, 3 dogs. The place was about 50 to 100 feet away from a river; old trails, swamps, trees, mud, hills and alot of snow.I never saw the creature but I know from a gut feeling that it wasn't anything that you would normally see around a little village, with a few houses and few children. It was late at night. But I could tell you that the sound was so specific you couldn't forget it and you really wouldn't want to walk around by yourself.

I was walking down to the lower village and it was the night before new years and I was walking with one of my friends, we were just going to visit some people and I told my friend to listen and we heard this strangest noise ever, it sounded like a whistle and monkey sort of, it was along time ago and I heard a lot of stories from the elders about walking around late at night, that if you were younger sasquatch would get you, cause unusually weird things do happen and when we go out camping would be the most strangest, especially when there is a lot of children around.

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