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Warren County, New York
August 1992 and 1993

After reading about the Warren County, New York, report dated August 4, 2000; I would like to convey a message to the author that I too have heard Bigfoot in the woods near where he was. I have had 2 experiences over the years and I am looking for people interested in searching that area.

Warren County, New York
August 1992 and 1993
Sabbathday Point
I heard the vocalizations during a week+ long period in August 92 and May 93. Both occurred at Sabbathday Point, Lake George, New York where we owned log cabin on the water. The sounds would start any time from 11 pm to 3 am. The sounds usually beginning with a whistling and thumping sound.

The first time I heard the noise it sounded far away, on the top of the mountain behind our house. But within a matter of 30 seconds it was about 200 feet away on the main road, Route 9N. A rock cliff rims Bloomer Mountain with a large boulder field heading down towards the main road. It is impossible for anything to climb down under an hour. There must have been 2 calling to each other. It screamed very very loudly, with chatters, squeals and what sounded like a woman's laughter mixed with crying. THE HAIR ON THE BACK OF MY NECK would stand up! It was unlike any other sound I have ever heard. I was gripped with extreme fear.

Although I managed to eventually shine a flashlight out into the night, I saw nothing. My wife never heard a thing, however my 3-year-old daughter once woke up crying during a vocalization, and said that the sound of the creature had woke her up. I found it strange that she said "creature" and not an animal or a man.

Also about 15 years ago, just south of this area, I was in a canoe with my younger brother out for a sunset paddle when we both saw something strange standing on the shore. We were at the base of Deer Leap Mountain, which has a large boulder field running down to the lake. We were about 200 feet out when we saw a thin, brown haired creature standing erect on the shore about the size of a small man. Its body was facing sideways from us but its head was looking directly across its left shoulder at us.

We did not feel secure to move any closer than we were. It had a strange grin with piercing eyes, almost a maniacal look. It had long thin arms and did not move as we slowly paddle by. It was not dark yet, the far shore was still lit by the sun but our shore was now in shadow. As we turned around to go home we noticed it had climbed a dead pine tree near by, and moved out on to the crook of the branch. As it was griping onto the branch, it cocked it's head towards us, starred at us, then turned it's head down between it's front arms and into it's chest. At this point it became camouflaged with the tree. If you did not know it was there you would have thought it was a large lump of branch.

A foot note to this, is a story I read about a thing in New Hampshire called a Wood Devil, it was known to the old hunters to be found in the forest and when ever a person came near it froze, blending in with the trees around it.

And add to this that last summer I had mentioned to a employee at a near by YMCA camp that I had heard Bigfoot when she interrupted me to tell me about a thing she saw that she named "Monkeyboy". She said it was small, with brownish hair covering it's body. She and another friend saw it hopping at a lakeside pavilion. It looked at them and hopped up onto the steps then off behind a small wall. And when it looked directly at them and they screamed and ran away. It was the size of a small man. This spot is 2 miles north of where I heard the noises and about 3 miles from where I saw the creature on the shore/ Another mile or so to Bucks Mountain.

I am interested in searching this area with others that are serious about a search.
However, I would never search alone. I can be reached at 413-298-4303. and

Sincerely, Hinckley Waitt
You may publish this story if you wish.
I can be reached at 413-298-4303. and

May 30, 2002