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Wallowa County, Oregon

Chesnimus, The gateway to Hell's Canyon
Near Joseph September 2000, mid morning and late night

I’m am not the person who saw the creature. I am reporting what a coworker has told me. I believe what he says. My coworker and his son were archery hinting in north east Oregon. They walked to the end of a ridge over looking a small sparsely forested valley. As he was looking over the valley for game he saw a tree, which had fallen and was leaning over another fallen tree. He said the tree was pointed up at about a 30-degree angle. He saw that something had just moved the tree; he said it was bouncing pretty good. He figured a bear was trying to get at grubs that sometimes live in rotting wood.

He and his son decided to make their way closer to the tree to catch a glimpse of the animal making the tree move. As they were making their way towards for the tree they heard something behind them. The noise came from where they just were. He turned around to see what made the noise. As he turned he saw what he thought was another hunter about 60 yards to their right walking across an open hillside. My coworker blew on his cow call to get the figures attention. The figure totally ignored him.

He blew on the call again but still the figure ignored him. At this point he was annoyed that another would not acknowledge him, so he decided to walk in the figures direction. He said as he walked towards the figure it bolted and ran into the timber. My co-worker ran to where the figure went into the timber. He figures the figure was only 30 yards from him when he stopped where he last saw it. The figure then ran, my co- worker ran after it. He said he could hear it running through the brush and trees.

Whatever it was it sounded heavy. He figured he ran about 50 yards after it. When he stopped running the thing was at least 100 yards ahead of him and still running. It was making a lot of noise going through the brush and trees.

At first he didn’t realize what he saw. He figured it was hunter in full camouflage. Then he realized the "hunter" wasn’t carrying a bow or any other type of hunting equipment. And he said there was no way a man could move that fast through that kind of brush and trees. He also says it made too much noise as it was running. After he realized it was a bigfoot he and his son went back to look for tracks or any other evidence. There were no actual tracks, just torn up pine needles and busted limbs. The only other thing they found was a semi fresh dead elk that looked like it had been eaten on by some animal.

We have talked about this incident numerous times. He believes what he saw was a Bigfoot. He figures the Bigfoot that made the downed tree move. It most likely winded him or saw him and it circled around behind him and his son. He said he had just relieved himself before he saw the tree moving. He thinks the Bigfoot circled back around him, got a good smell of the urine, and decided to leave the area.

Since he and his son were in full camouflage, he thinks the Bigfoot didn’t see him as it walked across the open hillside. Once he moved the Bigfoot saw him and tried to get out of sight. It was blackish-brown in color.
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This is a second event and was told to me by another co-worker who was hunting in the same general area. I’m not sure of the year. It was within a year of the other coworkers sighting.

According to my co-worker he and a friend were in their tent trying to sleep. He said at around mid night he and his friend were awoken by a loud noise that started out as a low growl and gained pitch until it sounded like a scream. He said the noise would happen at about 20 second intervals. He said whatever was making the noise was making its way past the camp. He guesses it was between 50 and 75 yards away from the camp, skirting the campsite. It continued making the noise until it got about 200 yards away, then it stopped making the noise. My co-worker said it sounded like what ever was making the noise was mad that someone was in its territory and was trying to scare them away. They were the only people in the area. The nearest groups of hunters were camped about 5 miles away. These two individuals would like to be kept confidential

I will ask the individual who saw and chased the Bigfoot if he will let me give you his name. I have every reason to believe he saw a Bigfoot. Neither person I talked to notified anybody about what they encountered. In fact the individual who saw the Bigfoot didn’t say anything to anyone for about a year.

I will get the exact location and date of the first sighting and relay it to you later.

To: Tuesday, September 04, 2001 6:05 AM