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Wakefield, South County, Rhode Island
September 1975 10:00p.m.
Woods: Typical Northeastern Pine, Oak, Maple...

While attending URI in 1975 I had encountered what is called a Sasquatch. My major was zoology, so I had a good understanding of natural biology both plant and animal.

I would stay over my girl friend's house on weekends and go back to campus on Sunday. This Sunday I decided to ride my ten-speed back to campus, it was about 10:00p.m., cool September night. I started down her street and stop to adjust the bike for the ride; one in particular was the front brake. I was bent over my handlebars to adjust the center pull under a streetlight. In front of me was a little field that slope down away from me. Her house is situated right in town with woods all around at the time.

I began to hear sounds coming from the field in front of me, as if something was walking, no smell. The sound was getting louder with each step. I could almost feel the actual compression of a biped with a long stride. It wasn't snapping twigs but rather compressing the ground with each step. I knew this thing was huge, and still couldn't see anything cause of the slope of the hill. I said to myself "its nothing" and went back to adjusting my brake. Now this dog starts barking like crazy, I can hear a chain snap as its trying to either get away or attack. Within that moment I stop, looked up and said to myself "whatever this is, its coming my way time to go", and instinctively knew my life was in danger!

As I began to ride, out from the shadows steps into the street light a white hairy looking gorilla directly across the street from me but on my right side. Twenty feet at the most, it stood looking at me, eyeball to eyeball. I noticed that it was standing bent over with its arms straight, knuckles on the ground and knees bent. About six feet tall, big chest and arms, black hair around the upper lip and down along the side of the mouth to the neck, the chest had no hair. The eyes set close together and deep, the nose human looking but very wide. Short neck that blended with the top of the head and back giving the appearance of a gorilla. Shoulders are high, round and plane out to the middle of the head in that position; guessing about 400 - 450 pounds easy.

Now it decides to chase me and chase it does for about five maybe ten yards, it stood up straight then ran placing one foot in front of other for a few steps, then arms down on its knuckles and back up. I was in first gear my heart was outside my chest somewhere as I pulled away, looking back all the time, it stopped, watched me for a few, turned away, ran and cleared a stone wall about five feet high all in one motion.

I thought I knew zoology until now...

That next weekend walking with some friends I began to tell the story and this person Paul jumps up and said, "yeah I saw the same thing in a gravel pit".

Some ten years afterwards, in 1985 my wife is attending CCRI in Lincoln and over hears a conversation between two botany professors during lunch. One says to other, I was on a field trip in Kingston and I thought I saw a white gorilla in the field watching us. My wife turns and said, "ya know... my husband saw the same thing."

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