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Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation,
Old Crow, Yukon, Canada

Father Albright, a young parish priest, was at one time living in the Yukon, maybe twenty years ago reportedly heard tales from the Christian Vuntut Gwitchin elders in his parish of hairy mountain men observed as recently as 2003 during an elk hunt.

Hunting elk around the settlement during the season isn’t difficult because so many of them wander into populated areas but the stories he heard contained evidence in the form of footprints and corroborating witnesses.

In a similar account, a mountain man was noticed standing in the dark shadow of the tree line watching boisterous children at play in the street. No effort was made to protect the children nor did they leave the area in fear of the creature.

The mountain man appears to be curious or deeply interested in little children and crying babies. Native women carrying babies papoose style on their back or in a under arm net-like-sling do much to draw in the “watching creature” who hear the infant crying or fussing. “I never heard young ones of the mountain man cry, but the creatures show great interest in human babies and grade school children at play. It is almost a deep “concern,” we think their babies cry too.”

Caribou Man 2005
Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation
Yukon, Canada