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Vermillion County, Illinois
Closest Road would be RT1 & nearest city would be Hoopeston
June 1976 approx 3:00pm

My friends and I often hunt or plink around with air rifles in this area just about everyday for five years. I knew everything there was to know about the area. And this was the one and only time we (Danny and I) ever saw anything like what we seen on that June afternoon in 1976.

When we heard the weird high pitched squeals coming from the ditch we were in shock to see this thing walking upright out of the ditch coming in our direction. The creature was walking upright out of a deep drainage ditch.  To describe it, it was like a huge gorilla-like thing walking upright like humans walk but had matted black hair over all of its body. The thing made high-pitched squeals that were very scary. It also had red eyes.

The trees along this ditch had been cut down days before this sighting and it was dry and clear during the week of the encounter. There were lots of 20-30 foot tall trees laying all along both sides of this thirty by twenty ditch that ran for many miles through timber and corn fields.

We had air rifles with us but this thing was approximately 75 yards away.  It was so huge and had those red eyes that seemed to penetrate right through us.  We back up for SLOWLY for several minutes before we made a all out sprint one half mile back home. Not looking back once for fear it would be coming after us. It is the scariest thing Danny and I ever saw or will see again.

We got home and got dad to go back there with a 30/30 rifle. We looked for prints to no avail. We almost told police officer who lived next-door half- hour after sighting. But instead got my father to go back down where Dan and I had seen this creature…. also told many friends over the years.


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