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Valley County, Mc Call, Idaho, not more than 5 miles east of town…

First, I suggest you reference what I am telling you now, with tcsjrbigfoot; they also have my story.  With time, things may have been forgotten or just dropped and now I believe I have I better understanding of the events.

I have always had an interest in bigfoot, but it was more like a passing interest, rather than an active hobby.  My first experience was be awaken by a very loud scream in 2002.  For whatever reason, I know when they are near me.  By 2008, I had amassed many videos of a Bigfoot, I later destroyed them all, and so I have nothing.  This is the story that led to my decision to get rid of all my videos. 

My son enjoys climbing mountains, so I decided to take the day off; I didn't bring a camera.  The family, consisting of 4 people, went out one morning in August; we set out with my son leading the way.  3 hours later, we still haven't reached the peak, so we decided to change peaks and go to something closer. 

We travel along a fire/atv path for a while, it was easier.  My wife spotted a pile of rock where no one was; we are now at about 5,800 feet elevation. We noted it and go on. Climbing up this grassy area, again my wife saw a footprint in the grass, you could see toes and everything; the foot pointed toward the middle of the grassy area, rather than toward the woods.  Again we took notice of it but nothing more. 

We continue climbing up to about 6,600 feet, and stop for a rest.  My left knee locked up, as it had been for some now and I am really getting tired.  It is decided that I should stay there with the dog while the rest the family went on ahead a short distance to the peak.  I could hear for only a very short distance because the grass was 7 or 8 feet high and it deadened sounds; all I could hear at this point was birds and a light wind.

I was there maybe 1/2 hour when I heard what sounded like 4 words being spoken, but they were not English words.  Then I heard more words of a different volume coming from behind me and at different places besides me; I feel surrounded!  Then from directly behind me was the clearest sound.  But there is no one around; my family is too far away for them to hear my voice.  And whatever I am listening too is using the same four words.  I looked around from my vantage point - I am at the top of a ridge, no nearby ridges or mountains; the sound could not bounce from any other place.  So where is the sound coming from; was it is trying to talk to me? Whatever it was, there was more than one and I think they eat dogs.

Quickly I think what to do.  All I have is my 3 inch pocket knife and a walking stick.  No match for something big with arms and hands; I decided to pack up and flee. If it was an echo, I will not have to go far the voices to stop.  As I went down with my dog pulling me forward; the voices continue to follow but now they come from the woods as well as behind me.  I kept going; the voices kept following me as I hurried along.  Finally I reached the atv path with the voices are still there.  But all I need do is descend the last 500 to 800 feet and I would feel safe again.  Then as I looked down the mountain I can see at maybe 200 feet from me a Bigfoot sitting there, almost like a guard in an area where I had to pass. I continue downward determined not to be stopped and fixing my eyes on the Bigfoot I hoped it would not block my path.  I passed easily and it never moved to stop me. 

The voices finally ended except for the one in the woods.  The rest of the trip was on uneventful and I made it to my safe zone with no problems.  It was an event that has changed my view of Bigfoot and that is why a got rid of all my videos.  It just wants to be left alone.  This describes want happened, but not my feelings.

Chuck Moldenhauer

August 2, 2010