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Union County, South Carolina
January 2001

About 5:00 am, we were walking in the woods during the early morning taking a break from our late evening rehearsal when we saw the movement in the thicket. JD thought it would be a good idea to stay still and we stood there for about 15 minutes. We saw a thing that looked much like a Sasquatch. It walked on its hind legs for extended periods of time. It was no bear. It was approximately 7 feet tall when standing up. But it sat down most of the time we saw it. It was much like a very large man but bigger. It didn't seem threatening but it didn't know we were there. It was mostly black or very dark. It could have been brown but it was very dark so hard to make out the color. It moved very slowly and did not make any sounds. There were several of us in the group, about 5 in all but some of them didn't think it was a Bigfoot. I do so I felt it my duty to at least report it. The terrain is in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains near Interstate 77. It was very very foggy so hard to see clear outlines; slightly hilly and very thick forestry.

DH & JD,

Contact details on file, report logged Monday, January 29, 2001 8:53 PM