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Undisclosed location

I don't know you, I don't even know whether or not you believe in Bigfoot. As for me, not only do I believe, I know! About 18 years ago myself and three others witnessed one who visited our campsite one evening here in my home state of kentucky. We saw him (it) from a distance of about 100 yards standing next to our tent directly in the light from our lantern which was hanging just in front of the tent. The peak of the tent was 7ft and he was looking DOWN on it. I was very scared through the rest of that night and left the area as soon as daylight came. Thinking about it for the next couple of months I realized he (it) meant us no harm, but simply curious. I took a weeks vacation and returned to the area. I walked the woods at night with only a lantern, not really expecting to see him, but mainly with the intent of showing that I knew he (it) meant me no harm. I did not see him again but hopefully he saw me walking with my hands in plain sight to show I had no weapons. I honestly believe they are "gentle giants" because that night at our camp or any of the nights I walked alone he could have injured or killed me with no problem such was his size. I have never, nor will I ever, disclosed the location of my sighting because I know he or maybe one of his family would end up in a lab somewhere or dead and on display somewhere. Don't you think maybe that's why they stay hidden so well?

Details withheld at witness' request; report taken 22 Jan 2001. RT