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Umatilla County, Oregon (near Hermiston) June 2003

My name is Dan and this is my encounter…

I came out to Hermiston Oregon for a summer visit with my family. My nephew wanted to take me fishing. It was about 3:30p when we went to the Umatilla River on the Old River Road we parked by the road and walked about 1/4 of a mile to the river on a path that had trees filled with blackberries on both sides of it.

We fished until about 5:30 that evening then we decided to go back to the road where he had parked. We had a little bit of a walk ahead of us and it was starting to get dark; we had only walked a little ways down the path ….about twenty yards when we heard branches snapping and twigs breaking in the blackberries entangled trees.

As we walked a little faster, the sound seemed to keep up with us. It sounded like was about twenty or thirty feet out in the thicket by us. By this time we were scared and we started running. We went up this little hill and up on to the road and as we got there I turned around and looked down the path toward the sun, which was just setting.

Suddenly something (a tall dark figure) came out on the path and it stood there for about a minute and then went back in to woods. All I can tell you from the silhouette of the figure was that it was big with long reddish brown hair. Whatever it was it was big, really big; it stood about 7 to 8 feet tall.   There are fishermen all up and down that part of river and yet nobody has seen anything!! I wonder why?

This happened in June 2003 this is the first time I talked about it since then, it was a scary fishing trip on the Umatilla River.

...Dan Odell
Nebraska - April 2008

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