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Tyler County West Virginia
Nearest City West Union
Summer 1972, afternoon
Closest Water: Middle Island Creek and a small pond at old abandoned farmhouse; Route 18 near Tyler/Dodridge Co Border

I was fishing for Bluegill at an old abandoned Farmhouse with two friends from my childhood Rick and Tim Shepherd. As we were leaving to go home we saw two for the lack of a better word, creatures. I don't know if these qualify as a bigfoot but this is what we saw. Two creatures with bright red hair were lying by the edge of the forest tree line, one atop the other as if making love. They were at least 100 yards away but clearly visible due to the contrast of their color against the straw coved broom sage they were laying in.

The thing here is that these were not large creatures but rather around 5'6" to 5'10 or so; straight red hair, bodies slightly thicker than a mans and walked upright on two legs.

When they saw us at around the same time we saw them they stood up, moved quickly into the woods, and disappeared. The amazing thing to me was that they walked upright like a person save that they were kind of stooped over at the shoulders (as if they were leaning over. The hair of their pelts was long enough to blow in the wind and in color reminded me of an orangutan. We never got to see their faces as the distance was to great and it all happened suddenly. Before we went up the sloping hill from the pond we all remembered hearing noises like muted mewling. I really don't know how to explain the sounds. We were kind of shook up and didn't really tell anyone at the time what we had seen because we knew we would be teased. I haven't seen or spoken to the Shepherd boys in years but I'm betting they remember this too. It's kind of hard to forget.

A slightly recessed pond,(like a crater), surrounded by a broom sage field all surrounded by woods. An old abandoned farmhouse was on the sight. It's probably fallen down now but I could take you to the spot. ITold 5 or 6 good friends over the years, no one else

Only that I've always been curious about what we saw. I have no ideas or preconceived ideas. I only know they were something different and unexplainable. I doubt I will ever know what it was I saw. Ronald Sprouse


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