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A Trilogy of Sightings in Jefferson and Douglas Counties, Colorado

Jefferson County, Colorado
Sighting in Kittridge, CO

After looking this subject over the last few evenings and looking at a generic report submission form, I thought I would rather tell my story in an email letter. First, I don't really care what you do with this information. I just don't want my name associated with it should you distribute or publish it. I tell some of my life's events to only people I know and trust.

These stories begin in 1974.
I grew up in the State of Colorado. Most of my childhood and teenage years were spent outdoors. Small town(s) country boy. Fishing, camping, hiking and dirt biking was in for me like Nintendo is to kids these days. At that time I never heard of a North American Bigfoot. Sure, I heard of the yeti, but he was on the other side of the world.

In 1974 my folks moved out of Denver to a small community in Indian Hills. Located west of the Denver foothills. That summer, my brothers, new dog, and I did a lot of hiking together. On one of our hikes (between Indian Hills and Kittridge located in Jefferson County), the dog, which was chained around my waist, took off for a large patch of heavy brush growing along side a small stream. The trail followed the small stream. Since I was attached to the dog by the chain, I had no other choice than to go where the dog was taking me. As the dog was lunging through the brush his chain somehow was caught in it and it slowed him down. The dog became so wrapped up in the brush that it finally stopped him before were able to make it through to the other side. I remember even though the dog was stopped, he was still pulling so hard he couldn't even breathe. Only a few grunts came out of him while he was strangling himself. The dog was determined to get through the brush and I now had enough slack in the chain to go through on my own, I just had to see what the hell the dog wanted.

As I pushed the last of the brush back so I could see through it I saw a large figure with long light brown hair. It was standing in the stream and water was dripping from the hair on its arms. What ever it was it scared me. It scared me so bad that when I was running out of the brush, I literally tore the dog out of the bushes with me. With super human strength and in a panic, I ordered my brothers to get up the nearest tree. Once all of us were up in the tree, we hoisted the dog up by his chain. That nearly killed him too but I was not taking another spin through the brush. After being in the tree for quite a while, we came down. I have no idea which way the hairy thing went but it didn't come out our way. Then, and to this day, I cannot remember what the thing's face looked like. I know I saw it. I clearly remember seeing over the top of its head.
- ---

Franktown, Douglas County, Colorado
1978: Shredded Dogs - Bone Chilling Wails and a Sighting

I suppose you think this is the end of my story. It's not. I'm just getting started. Several years later, my folks once again moved. This time we moved to the wooded flat lands around Franktown in Douglas County. I can say this, - - in Franktown I did not have the same experience as I did in Indian Hills-Kittridge.

Another summer's day around the year of 1978, a few friends and I (one brother too) were out dirt bike riding in the wooded flats between Parker & Franktown, I believe the Pinnery occupies this portion of land now, anyway we came across a sight I'll never forget. We came across several shredded dogs in the middle of the forest. These poor dogs were pulled limb from limb and one was wrapped around a tree. At that time, we had no idea of what or who could do a thing like that. Ranchers shoot stray dogs. They don't pull them apart like they are cotton candy. From reading about this Bigfoot animal on your website, I understand that the Bigfoot does not like dogs. What ever did that to those dogs sure didn't like them very much.

The same summer one evening in early August, we (the family) were watching the regular Friday night TV shows. It was hot out so all the doors were open in the house. All of a sudden, something from across the road in the pasture let out the most bone-chilling wail I've ever heard in my life. As loud as it sounded, I would have sworn it was in our own front yard. Recently I had heard similar sounds, but a not exact sound on Internet downloads. My Dad flew around the house shutting and locking doors. We had never heard a sound like that before. It scared us all.

The same year but early in the fall I saw the upper half of a large figure slightly hunched over and peering at me through the trees from some distance away. I could not make out any details other than it's long hair. I was in the west, looking east. The sun shown vividly through some of the longer hair on the outer body. This was especially true to what looked like longer hair off its arms. Even though my house was closer to me than it was, I remember spending many long minutes contemplating on what to do. All of a sudden the thing took off towards the neighbors refuse pit. A school bus was on its way down the dirt road. That must have scared it. Many years later, my boss said he turned his porch light on to see a similar sight moving off towards the nearby forest.
- ---

Douglas County, Colorado
Castle Rock, CO
1980 - Footprints found, then later on, a good sighting.

In 1980, I moved to Castle Rock with one of my close relatives. The house was in town so it took a little bit more to get at where I loved to be. And that was out in the woods. My neighbor was my same age and shared the same interests as I. That entire summer we spent fishing, hiking, camping and off-roading in the Devils Head \ Rampart Range area. The closest town to there is Sedalia. I remember that we had tried to get into the area during early spring. We had no luck with a 2-wheel drive car. Around April I purchased a four-wheel drive. We got in a few weeks after that. I remember going in because there was snow still on the ground. When we got out of the jeep to our soon to be "new home away from home," there were several tracks going through our camp sight. The odd thing about the tracks, and my first impressions were "what idiot took of his shoes to go hiking."

The second odd thing, which I guess it should have given me, a clue is, (but it didn't at the time) at least one and a half of my feet fit inside of each print in the snow. And third, we were the first ones into the immediate area that spring. No one should have been hiking through there. Anyway we had an enjoyable summer there. The last few fishing trips we took along with us a few girls who also liked to fish.

On the last trip, Sunday afternoon September, the fish were not biting and the sun was starting to drop low on the horizon. The sun illuminated the hillside adjacent to where we were fishing. Since I was bored with the fishing, I went to relaxing on the tailgate of my jeep. Just laying there looking at the hillside. All of a sudden, two trees stepped out of the forest and out onto the rocks on the adjacent hillside above. These were no trees. These were no bears. These things were BIG. They were dark, swung their arms, and walked upright.

At first my buddy and I thought it was some kind of joke. Some jerks were trying to mess with us. We yelled out to them. We tried calling them names to piss them off. Nothing worked. However, when they disappeared around some big rocks, one of the girls swears she saw them heading down the hillside towards us. At that point it was pure pandemonium. We threw as much fishing and cook gear into the jeep as we could. We still ended up leaving half of it there. That night, one of the girls brought over her Dad's .38 snub nose revolver. We were going to go back for the rest of our gear and to look around for the walking trees.

Shortly after she left my house that night, my nosey relative found the revolver in my jeep. The relative called the police. I tried like hell to explain this one to the cops. The cops thought that we were up to no good that day. None of us did that sort of thing. That was a real kick bellow the belt coming from the cop. The other girl's father was a County Sheriff, she was not allowed to hang out or fish with us again. Even though she saw the same things as the rest of us did. The girl that brought over the gun, she told her brother about what we saw. He told her that he had been at a large outdoor party in the area about a month prior. Everyone there was drinking. He said that when he went to relieve himself behind some bushes, he walked right into one of these creatures. He dismissed the whole event and blamed it on the alcohol he had consumed.

March 1981 rolled around. Day trips to the woods were kept restricted to a closer radius of home. Another Sunday my buddy and I were out exploring a site between Castle Rock and Franktown where an old dam once had been. Many years prior, the dam broke creating a huge cavern in the streambed that runs through. The caverns were neat for exploring.

The sun was starting to go down and it was getting cold. It was time to leave. We were clawing our way through thigh high snow on the North side of the cavernous streambed back to the car. About a half-mile away from the car we noticed a black object lying on a sand bar in the streambed. We clawed our way over to the upper ledge of the streambed. On the sand bar bellow was laying a head. A big decaying head lying on its side. It looked like an over grown human's head with black shaggy hair on it. The eyes lips and nose were already gone. The head had massive square teeth running through out the upper and lower jaw. I have seen all kinds of skulls before. From both wild and domesticated animals alike. I have never seen another skull like this before or since. A human's skull is the closest match to it that I've seen or can compare it to. To this day I wish I would have braved the cold and cold water, and waded out to get that head.

Quite a few years after my experiences in Colorado, I have learned about the North American Bigfoot. Had I known about this in my youth, I might have been an indoor lover. I now have no real desire to go plundering through the woods as I used to do. Like I said at the beginning of this letter, do what you like with it. Think what you want to. Leave my name off of this. I've already put up with more ridicule than one person should have too. My experiences were real and genuine. I now believe that Bigfoot was in my life more than I knew.

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