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Thomas County, Georgia
Near Boston... 1951

During a three hour long distance telephone call to Florida researcher, Ramona Hibner in 1997, she mentioned she has in her possession, a report she investigated of a 'sasquatch shooting' in nearby Boston, in Thomas County, Georgia that occurred in 1951.

In that account the informant was a woman. Ramona said that the woman and her husband had gone outside because her dogs were barking, they saw a giant of a man, upright and covered with dark hair, cornered by the dogs on the front porch. Her husband "shot at it" and it ran off.

The woman also said that her stepfather had found 20-inch footprints outside his cabin in the morning after seeing what he thought was a black man seven feet tall looking in his window during the night. He also claims to have gone outside with a pistol and fired at the intruder, which ran into the nearby woods. Ramona believed both accounts were authentic Georgia reports.

Credit Ramona Hibner, Florida 1997

My notes indicated however, that at the time of the phone call with Hibner in 1997, I viewed her interpretation of these events with some skepticism mainly because nothing that size had been reported previously in southern states...a twenty inch foot is HUGE, even by bigfoot standards....Short